Great piece that tracks my thinking. I noticed in my work with green groups over the years that the donor class, on which nonprofits rely for funding, largely co-opted the environmental movement in terms of messaging, priorities, and overall outlook. Environmentalists used to be much more radical. Also, the government/Big Pharma public messaging about the virus seems to almost have been designed to appeal to the left-wing sense of empathy that green groups and other activists specialize in. "My mask protects you, your mask protects me. My shot protects you, your shot protects me." This collectivist approach has been alluring to the left, as it appears on the surface to offer a chance to undermine the excessive individualism and greed they have always railed against. Unfortunately they have failed to realize that this pseudo-empathetic approach actually empowers the greedy and exploitative systems they are supposed to be against, and grants the "evil greedy corporations" previously unfathomable authority over everyday life. The centralized, authoritarian, technocratic approach to disease mitigation completely ignores the genuine needs of individuals and communities, as you lay out so thoroughly in your essay.

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Kim, you articulate here so much and more of what I have been wondering and thinking during these past two years and what needs to be asked! Why have the folks so committed to living in alignment with the Earth shown none of that commitment in their response to the pandemic? I can only surmise that to be a political party in this system, one's own best intentions and values are corroded by the narrow lines of debate, campaigning, etc. In other words by the system. But beyond Greens, why have so many liberal-minded/holistic health minded people I know also not criticized the very problematically narrow and increasingly fascistic mainstream response to the pandemic? Great piece of writing here and brave. Thank you so much.

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The Green's leader in the state of Victoria (Aust.) voted, against massive popular opposition, for a bill to give the state Premier "unlimited powers for an unlimited time." The bill passed, just....

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Dec 19, 2021Liked by Kim Goldberg

Latest word from Dr St. Bonny says that cases on the island doubled (Dec 17th, 2021). Not a word about the breakdown of new cases into Δ and/or Ω or who are presently in the hospital. Nada about that. Just Apples and Oranges. How many new cases and how many in hospital and how many deaths.

As was commented upon in the link you posted to Must Read Alaska about getting into grocery stores in New Brunswick, this is the first conformation I have seen of something that was mentioned once on the Covid Broadcasting Corporation and then buried in the fear porn statistics of their never ending progrom to scare people into compliance.

I was at one of the hospital worker support demonstrations in the Comox Valley and everything said about those demonstrations by networks such as Global, blocking ambulances and staff, violent, etc. were pure fabrications.

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Dec 15, 2021Liked by Kim Goldberg

Thank you Kim! Great piece, I agree wholeheartedly; Where is the Left, where are the Greens? Where is the applied holistic scientific intelligence to an effective and just Covid response plan? Criticism of government health response in Canada has been embarrassingly lame. Why don’t we get critical hospital info on ages and comorbidities present in hospitalized patients? Could it be a fear campaign is simply more affective to obtain compliance. Also, it increases public pressure in society for not only acceptance but demand for vaccine mandates is my take. And how the heck can we have informed consent - we don’t even know the results of all the vaccine studies as you stated. Yep, lots wrong and few speaking out due to fear of being attacked, loose their jobs. Courage is necessary. Ironically, the right has for once had more credibility in speaking out, being those most concerned with individual rights over collective responsibility. This has been where the science against vaxx mandates is most prolific. The left has adopted an assumption that the gov/big pharma science is good, and without questioning, adopts what is best for the collective. Sadly, the right believe that the authoritarian vaxx mandates is a left approach, rather than recognizing Big Money is an authoritarian regime unto itself. This should not even be about left or right, but Integrity of best science for best overall response. In large protests happening in Europe, many have noted there is a good mix of people from various political ideologies. North America has been fairly black and white so far from my own assessment, but I do think that is starting to change. Better late than never has a time frame however, before too late matters a lot.

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Nov 28, 2022Liked by Kim Goldberg

Thanks Kim. The Technocrats are terrified.

Did you notice the statement from the FDA in a Texas courtroom the other day?

“At issue is a lawsuit brought by three doctors against the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The doctors maintain that the FDA wrongfully interfered with their ability to treat their patients with claims that ivermectin was useless to stop or cure COVID.

Yet during a hearing earlier this month, the Times noted, the Biden administration’s lawyers maintained the agency’s rejection of Ivermectin was simply a “recommendation.”

“The cited statements were not directives. They were not mandatory. They were recommendations. They said what parties should do. They said, for example, why you should not take ivermectin to treat COVID-19,” Isaac Belfer, an FDA lawyer, told the court, according to the Times.

“They did not say you may not do it, you must not do it. They did not say it’s prohibited or it’s unlawful. They also did not say that doctors may not prescribe Ivermectin.”

Imagine all the lives lost because of this. :(

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Nov 14, 2022Liked by Kim Goldberg

I keep coming back to your writings Kim.

Big Drug, Big War, Big Climate, Big Everything. The psyop has worked incredibly well on the empathetic left. Yikes.

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Feb 12, 2022Liked by Kim Goldberg

I just recently stopped my monthly donations to the Green Party due to their failure to act in the way that you have outlined in your progressive article. This is the kind of leadership I would have expected from Elizabeth May and the BC Green Party, but instead they are supporting the provincial and federal governments' policies around Covid and the vaccines. The BC Greens were even calling for vaccine passports before they were implemented in BC. Shocking! In email communication with Adam Olson he staunchly defended policies that the federal and provincial governments had implemented, so it became clear that the Greens had abandoned Canadians, as had all the other political parties. I will redirect my financial support to groups who are defending the rights of Canadians. Thank you for providing even a little ray of hope for Canadians in general. We need people like you to continue to influence policy within the party. Thank you!

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Jan 31, 2022Liked by Kim Goldberg

Up until recently I have been a strong green supporter both federally and provincially. I have written numerous times to both Elizabeth and Adam about mandates and although they have responded it has been so vague as to say nothing. I am planning on cancelling my membership and have already let them both know I will no longer be working for them or donating any money to the Green Party. This is so difficult for me as I have such admiration for them both and know them as fine humans. This is echoed by many of my friends and family. Thank you for your thoughtful article.

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Jan 6, 2022Liked by Kim Goldberg

the mistake of the progressive how you define it is to believe that true progress can come from governmental and other top down structures . it can only lead to the aberations we see today on any sides that focus on top down ways to deal with this viral crisis. True progress stem from the acknowledgment and celebration that everyone has a gift to offer to the whole and that socio economic and cultural patterns can synergistically emerge from inclusion and cooperation . life organise itself in complex Organic structure from elements coming into synergetic expression of themselves .

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Jan 5, 2022Liked by Kim Goldberg

Scratch a liberal, find a totalitarian underneath.

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Hi Kim. I tried to follow you on Twitter, but no joy. Why was your account suspended? 🤨 😞

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