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If you are willing to kick over the beehive of modern liberalism you will see the true face and the true nature of the ruling class war against the people with crystal clarity.

If one attempts to understand the last 18 months through the lens of a "viral event" they are forever trapped in a world of contradictions and outright lies.

The manufactured perception that there was such an event is an artifact of mass media manipulation, behavioral conditioning techniques and social engineering. All of this has been made possible through institutional programming and accelerated media messaging disallowing basic cognitive processes and eliminating critical thinking possibilities.

“Covid19” is a crime scene operation not a “pandemic”.

The overwhelming evidence that “Covid19” is a massive scam has been at everyone’s fingertips this entire time. Just because the "true believers" of the Covid operation can’t figure this out by now doesn’t make me a “conspiracy theorist”—it makes them a simpleton of the lowest order.

The Pharma ghouls and their investors do not care how many people die. They do not care how many people get hurt. All that matters is protecting the “vaccine narrative.” That narrative is worth trillions of dollars and it’s the key to the largest power grab in human history.

Pharma is the principle racket today, even more so than the military-industrial complex and it is

tightly controlled by the financial aristocracy.

The government, Big Pharma, and central banks are using the excuse of a “virus” to hide from the fact that they’re assaulting us on all fronts. And millions of people are signing up for a poisonous, experimental gene therapy believing it’ll protect them from a make-believe virus.

"Covid-19" has never been about an epidemiological emergency it is about the collapse of the financial system.

“Covid19” is designed for:

1) Redistribution of wealth aka THEFT (from the poor and middle class to the insanely rich);

2) Fear-induced digital enslavement- The Great Reset/4th IR;

3) Pharma making trillions in profit and introduction of mRNA gravy train;

4) Constant bailouts for the financial sector;

5) Entrenchment of the Bio-Security State;

Rather than focus on the manufactured in silico "disease" best to focus on the crimes such as but not limited to:

1) Largest transfer of wealth to investor class in history- theft of tax dollars;

2) Slaughter of elderly in care homes through forced improper medical protocols;

3) Destruction of millions of businesses through illegal policies;

4) Fraudulent trials and marketing of experimental medical product;

5) Reckless endangerment of the public through forced inoculations;

6) Media manipulation of public using illegal fear tactics to induce compliance;


This is not going to stop until people make it stop. These governments know full well that “Covid” is being used as cover for crashing the economies in the Western world. There is not now and never has been a “pandemic”- that is all Kabuki theater to disguise the reality of the rapid economic decline brought on by the Ponzi Schemes of financial institutions over the past few decades.

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Excellent article! I am a Green supporter and I too am confounded by the Green’s present adherence to the main narrative. Gustav le Bon says “people lose their senses in herds, but regain them slowly, one by one” … so there’s hope? In the meantime, I must say, it really is hard to be around people who have lost their marbles. Of those who are not hypnotized there is also an ideological difference which one would think the Greens would embrace - that is, a rejection of the prevailing mechanistic, reductionist view of human biology which holds that a “vaccine” is better at dealing with this imagined threat than the highly sophisticated biological system we are born with.

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The pandemic revealed the true colors of people; nations. Canada, sadly, showed itself to be cruel and all too willing to embrace pseudo-science wallowing in false virtue. Has anyone noticed Justin's descent into appalling lunatic rhetoric? How is this remotely acceptable in an ostensibly civil society? How? Yet, no one is calling him our on such despicable diatribes. It says a lot about Canadian who claim to smugly hold the moral high ground on Americans. Say what you want about Americans, but they're a little more savvy than we are - gullible and obedient. And they sure didn't fall off the Covid deep end like we did with Quebec being the worst.

The day we locked down, I knew this was going to spiral out of control By April I was telling friends and family this was going to be the greatest medical hysteria in history. By the time the insidious and thoroughly anti-science masks mandates came, I said it was a Pandora's Box we would not be able to close. What were officials thinking? Once you let fear set it - our most primal emotion (and masks reminds you of fear - there's no going back. I was told I was being dramatic at every turn. Now here we are. Every single thing so-called conspiracy theorists warned about in MARCH OF 2020 has come true - and we're not done. Know who the conspiracy theorists and purveyors of misinformation have been from day one? Media and the government.

I still recall the look on people's face when I pleaded they don't support lockdowns. By April we had a lot of information suggesting we should calm down. But by then they were convinced the only way out was a vaccine. That's when I knew it was over. I knew the vaccine was not going to be a panacea because from the onset the narrative wasn't making sense. But there was no way to get the message through. People wanted to be deceived. They wanted a 'war' and were ready for the propaganda. People who know and knew me all my life though nothing of calling me a 'granny killer' (as a friend of 45 years told me) and that I was 'selfish'. Even though I was a regular blood donor, gave to various charities and signed my driver's license to donate my organs. They knew I spent a life of being a humanist but it didn't matter. I didn't follow the herd and this was a crime.

Yet, it was THEY who were consenting to crimes against humanity.

What's bizarre is how 30% of the people who are hypnotized managed to gain the political upper hand. They lack confidence in their own critical thinking skills. They demean the fact God gave them will and a mind. They often engage in ad hominen attacks to mask their insecurities. 'Oh, I'm sorry. Are you a doctor or virologist?' No, but they're incapable of grasping doctors and virologists make mistakes and can be quacks too.

Yet, they control our destiny. Somehow, this minority turned 'tyranny of the majority' into 'tyranny of the minority' by getting the so-called 'normies (the people who lazily and cowardly go along) on their side. And politicians preyed on this. Now the fight is to get them to the side of sanity, logic, science and truth.

I'm just appalled and stunned by all this and Canada in particular has greatly disappointed me. Enough for me to leave - nay escape - when the time and opportunity - accords it.

Canada is a fraud.

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Hello, I'm also on Vancouver Island - in Victoria. Also was totally on board in the early months - the first year even - with what Bonnie Henry was saying. But I wanted to take a wait-and-see approach on the jabs, given the new platform they were being delivered on, and see if one of the ones on offer seemed like a better choice than the others.

But now? No way - I will live out of a car before I give in to this infringement on our bodily autonomy for no good, data-supported reason. It amazes me how absolutely immovable those who are in Desmet's first third are: I think I've laid everything out really clearly, including studies and the links to them, including interviews with well-respected scientists and doctors. Including the fact that I have known 4 people in my personal circle who have gone to the hospital with adverse reactions (and been essentially gaslit), and I also had Covid in September, and got through it with no serious issues, so I should be considered as good as vacced, but in response? just "Nope, they are safe and effective." And "It's not about you - Get vaccinated!" I am really quite stunned by it!

And disappointed in Elizabeth May. I too had admired her.

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Thank you for this excellent article. it has coherently pulled together a lot of thoughts that my circle of the Desmet awake 30 have been puzzling over. The demand to be kind has been used as you say in other ideological areas of life particularly in my case I was involved in the push back to transitioning ideology that children have been subject to. I learnt over the last 5 years that this overarching demand that one must be kind IE shut up about any inconvenient truths, is really just a method to shut down debate. I was very interested to hear Jordan Peterson talk about this fairly new form of social control. He suggests that it has come out of the domestic setting, where yes it is appropriate and has been applied to institutions in an inappropriate manner. He suggests - and I can see that this is exactly aligned with your arguments - that once you dismantle people's ability to speak the truth and point out problems by telling them they must shut up and 'be kind' you allow a psychopathic energy if not real psychopaths to move in and take advantage to manipulate and to control that population whether that be a local population in a school or in a university or in a wider context, such as we have here in this mass formation. ' Be kind' commands extrapolated into the the entire western world population. This has disabled critical thinking, resistance and allowed the predatory psychopathic businesses, global elite, their institutions and people to move in.

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"It was in my self-interest to support these measures. I was a leukemia patient on immune-suppressing treatment. There were no vaccines. And I hadn’t yet discovered the cheap, effective early treatment protocols."

Hi, Kim. Alan2102z here, from twitter.

Just a quick note to alert you (if you are not already aware) of another cheap easy safe effective way to reduce viral load: topical iodine, namely nasal and mouth rinses with dilute povidone iodine. I was researching it this morning; here are a few links:




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The annexation of the Left by government has been a very long time in the planning. At the end of the 60's the middle class left had the corporate world somewhat on the back foot. Sandwiched between them and the NVA, the US military industrial complex had to withdraw from Vietnam. Anti-war, pro investigative journalism, pro libertarianism, something had to be done about them. You couldn't shoot them in their beds like the Black Panthers; they were the children of lawyers, doctors - the backbone of the machine.

So, in a wonderful piece of political judo, they were welcomed "into the tent". Issues of environment, race, sexuality were to be addressed by government departments. The issues were taken away from the mass and the streets and put in the hands of lobbyists, who, flattered and privileged, could be far more easily manipulated.

It was evident that nothing could actually be done about their issues. Profit stood against environment; the economy needed a pool of cheap labour - black and white; and sexuality, well that's just attitudes and what can you do about that ?

Another strand was now woven in. It was not only necessary to draw the teeth of the demonstrating demographic. To rule, it is axiomatic that you have to divide. What could be done was to shift the burden of guilt from government - to make it seem that those responsible for their problems were the "deplorables".

The left, under guidance from their lobby groups, now applauded jail for saying "nigger" or "queer". The left of free speech was now being moved in a very different direction. And because it appeared to be a win for their team they didn't notice. In fact the whole issue had moved from debate to team allegiance. The responsibility for wrongdoing had shifted from government to the other half of the population.

The left were now seen, and now felt themselves, allies of government. Trump was a brief and strategic vent for the underdog team.

For 50 years the middle class left, the guardians of the planet, did absolutely nothing. It was being done for them. It only took 20 years to go from Hitler to the Beatles. Should we be surprised at where we are now ? Should we be surprised that they support government/big pharma/Fauci ?

They have been turned upside down and inside out without even noticing.

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The left being in support of Pharma's vaccine narrative is nothing new, in reality. For several years prior to the current pandemic, I had been following a local Grateful Dead Tribute band, which has a large following of what most would consider the Left (including Greens). Almost from the get go, once I made my vaccine risk awareness and medical freedom activism known, I became persona non grata among the majority of followers in an FB group. My partner coined the term "Stepford hippies" to describe those who one would think would continue to "Question Authority" but instead, have become the authoritarians most ardent supporters.

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I find it ironic that Bernie pointed out that pharma runs the media, during the debates only for him and others to fall for the clot shots garbage.

I'm done with either party here, they're both pro system in different aspects

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Terrific essay! Completely logical, reasonable. I love your ‘educated’ use of language & concepts, as well as the inclusion of verifiable science & data. One of best explanations of mass hypnosis. Sad to read about Elizabeth May, always one of my most admired people, putting herself into the hypnotized group - shows that intelligence is not necessarily a criteria for being able to perceive propaganda & dangerous authoritarian manipulation.

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Great piece and solid analysis. I would only add that the breaking of the left started much, much earlier than 2020 and a little pep talk collectivizing basic barrier techniques and experimental drugs was more feeding them talking points than conditioning them, as their capture had already effectively been made. This was a decade long effort to turn the "Occupy" left into the good little authoritarians we see today. We've done probably hundreds of hours of content on it over the last two years.

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Thank you for this article. "Weaponized kindness" - that's a keeper. I knew it was going on but I didn't have that wording. I grew up being told it costs nothing to be kind to others and that used to be true. Now it's something different. It's always one-sided and demanding.

Very early on in the Covid era I saw a short video interviewing Wolfgang Wordarg, German pulmonologist and former member of Parliament. Soon after. I saw a video of Sucharit Bhakdi, physician and retired professor of microbiology. What they were saying and what was seeing in the world around me fit together: there was no terrifying pandemic contagion that was going to kill me and everyone around me. It was really Chicken Little on a mass scale. Everything I've learned about the test, how it was created and how it was used only made sense if the intention was to deceive for some purpose other than public health.

Good luck and best wishes for the New Year. Stay strong.

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The Left and the Greens particularly don't completely understand what sustainability and "Green" means . Our bodies are not separate from the rest of nature. Why is organic, regenerative, and non-gmo agriculture supported but synthetic gmo based medicine accepted? There's nothing natural about toxic, poison laden, gene editing shots. Furthermore, the polyethylene glycol (PEG) contained in these vaccines in particular is recorded as being the cause of anaphylaxis in the Pfizer shot: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8251011/.

Then there's the problem of a known poison - graphene- both oxide and hydroxide, also having been discovered in them.

Perhaps it's not particularly Mass Formation Psychosis that is the issue here, as many intelligent socially well-connected people living purposeful lives have "drunk the kool-aid". It could be that we've all been hypnotized from birth onwards to unquestioningly accept that MDs are gods and pharmaceuticals, even though we know they bring terrible 'side effects' are what our bodies and minds need to heal. We're even financially rewarded through our health insurance programs to support this system. Anyone questioning it or choosing a different route is penalized. The problem is systemic and the Greens among others in the Left signed on to this one long ago.

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That moment of encounter (and reckoning) with Elizabeth May that you share above on the record -- precious! Thank you, Kim, for embracing that moment and recording that moment, here. It is a revelatory scene.

I've come around lately to thinking we are actually *lucky* to have come through this episode, as it exposes those (like Elizabeth) to be not who we thought they were. And we can know for sure not only that they are not our allies, but how quickly they would throw us under the bus.

It's on them, like a mark, for their lives.

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Thank you for your blog!

I see that much of the "liberal" establishment has gone from being liberal to being authoritarian.

Sometimes I make headway when I remind people our news media (here in the US) is largely funded by pharmaceutical advertising, and the experts they select often have financial ties to those companies, and that government entities and scientific research are influenced by lobbyists for relevant businesses.

Perhaps a billboard campaign would reach more people who are stuck in the mass media bubble. It could point out these relationships - media funded by pharmaceutical and medical device companies, experts with ties to those companies - and ask people if they trust pharmaceutical companies.

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Very thoughtful article. I will find more from Desmet. I am not a Green supporter, but I am following you here on Substack to learn more about how you reconcile liberty with Green positions. If you have not read RFK Jr's The Real Anthony Fauci, I highly recommend it.

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